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With over 100 patents ranging from forensic watermarking, signal abstracts, data security, software watermarks, product license keys, ASLR, deep packet inspection, license code for authorized software to bandwidth securitization, Blue Spike has established itself as the leading provider of content management and applied security solutions.

What is Digital Watermarking?

Digital watermarking is a process of encoding information into a data stream, so as not to impact the overall composition; but, enables identifying, verifying and tracking distribution of the watermarked stream preferably without exposing the original unmarked data stream, an advantage over competing systems. Watermarks can act as receipts enabling traceability in information commerce.

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Giovanni™ Digital Watermarking Suite

With Giovanni, digital information can be securely labeled, audited, and even used to animate automated marketing and consumer interaction under a wide number of deployments.

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Trusted Transaction Server™ (TTS™) in Action

With Blue Spike’s Trusted Transaction Server (TTS) you can deliver your entire catalogue of media content (including images, audio, video, even multimedia) online without exposing your valuable media assets to piracy. With the TTS, black-market operators will never be able to match the breadth of your online offerings, your consumer-focused services or the fidelity and quality of your content.

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