Restoring Artistic Recognition

With Blue Spike’s digital watermarking, woven so intimately into digital works as to be irremovable without obvious damage, custody is affirmed, and with it, the recognition that is so essential to the artist’s vocation.

Artists and musicians’ creations are, so to speak, telegrams from the zeitgeist. For their exertions, artists and musicians ask for recognition and acknowledgement of the aesthetic essence they invest in their works. At once, the Internet offers vast audiences and threatens artists’ claim to their works via unfettered copying. Meet with the artists who will ultimately be served by the digital custody technologies developed in Blue Spike’s laboratories.

Watermarked Music

Blue Spike’s industry leading and proprietary digital watermarking enables artists to sign their works in a manner consistent with the actual perceptibility of the audio signal. The integration of a secret key, held by the artist, and the interrelation between the key, the audio material and the watermark message itself, creates unique copies with secure receipt mechanisms.

At a higher level of abstraction, digital watermarking is, in the artist’s context, a technology that supports the commercial and curatorial functions that are for any artist or musician, unavoidable aspects of the vocation, as important as selection of media and instrumentation. Watermarks enable better, more granular accounting and accountability.

Thomas Jefferson, Needles and Haystacks

An essay by Scott Moskowitz, CEO, Blue Spike, Inc.