4D Seminal Multi

4D Seminal Multi

Here for your consideration, “4D Seminal Multi” by jsg boggs. Boggs is one of the world’s most important living fine artists, as well as a social commentator of legend. Boggs is perhaps most widely known for his artworks that interrogate the relationship between the concepts of value and social recognition with his sometimes comic, sometimes sardonic renderings of national currencies (Check out his likeness on a Swiss franc in the Future Think Studio).

With this exploration has come considerable controversy. He has faced legal entanglements with US, British and Australian authorities for alleged counterfeiting – although the Swiss, ancient arbitrators of value, grasped his commentary and honored him with an official proclamation that allows him to ‘spend’ his Boggs francs in Switzerland.

It is hard to tell where Boggs has had the most success – as an artist or commentator. His artwork is exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art, The Art Institute of Chicago, The Smithsonian Institute, the British Museum, and will be featured at North America’s first all-digital museum, M21, which is being organized by benefactors in St. Petersburg, Florida this year. At the same time his work has been incorporated into course studies covered in art, law, and philosophy departments at universities in the U.S. and Europe.

Boggs’ work is featured here for his intellectual excursions into the relationship between value and recognition – and his genuine concern over the complex issues now facing society in protecting advancements in the arts and sciences from the easy pilferage and co-option that the Internet invites. Blue Spike has to its joy found a kindred spirit in the arts, and thus inspired, has commissioned Boggs to develop a work that vivifies this relationship.

Q&A; with Boggs on the e-Canvas

Blue Spike’s artist-in-residence speaks out on the Web as a kind of “universal subconscious,” the problems attending authentication of the source and provenance of digital art, and the many ways that digital media is changing creative arts in our own time.