The copyright debate itself represents a greater issue concerning how information should and can be exchanged to preserve rights and enhance e-commerce. A balance between privacy and piracy as these terms can be defined inevitably requires equity for all stakeholders.

This industrial provocateur pointed to the horizon years ago, proffering digital watermarking technologies to preserve creators’ custody of their works and yet maintain the balance of interests between creators, distributors and consumers as defined under copyright law. In hindsight, as industries have integrated watermarking into their security schemas, it appears that Blue Spike was prescient in its prescriptions for online content distribution and security.

About Blue Spike

The story of our inspiration and development path.

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The Executive Suite at Blue Spike, Inc. is home to a number of unique individuals who have been mobilized by their industrial interests and technical imaginations to gather under the Blue Spike banner.


Blue Spike specializes in consulting and development projects and invites such engagements.

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Blue Spike’s Proposition: Rational IP Control Strategies for Consumer Markets In the competing interests that are vested in developing intellectual property control technologies, there are any number of solutions available. Yet there is only one IP control suite that respects the interests of all parties in the value chain.

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At Blue Spike, we have invented a critical part of the existing information infrastructure, crafting the applied steganographic toolsets that drive authentication and auditing systems for intellectual property objects and digitized signals on the Web.