Investor Relations

Investor Relations

Blue Spike's Proposition:
Rational IP Control Strategies for Consumer Markets

Blue Spike is a security infrastructure company for multimedia creators and distributors who need to address the unauthorized duplication of their intellectual property – music, images, video, sensitive documents – as well as the unauthorized commercial resale of their works that is encouraged, if not invited, by the Internet.

The technologies that Blue Spike has developed for these constituencies, however, speak not to secreting information – but to maintaining title over them even as they course though the nether regions of the Internet.

Blue Spike’s Giovanni® suite of digital watermarking tools can embed both secreted and consumer-and-machine locatable watermarks.

These can be used for a number of applications – from tagging the creator’s ownership data to digital creations to fastening consumer information for innovative marketing schemes to animating the copy-control and playback schemes that are being standardized by the media and consumer electronics industries. Call it market-making security technology.

Giovanni® is an applications suite that offers a number of digital watermarking schemes, each with important services and functionality specifically geared for each constituency in the value chain – from the creator, to the distributor to the all-too-often-forgotten consumer.

Though its core function is to allow creators and their agents to maintain control over their copyrights, Giovanni’s role is unique in information security software.

It is built around the necessity of making markets, an enterprise that requires transparency and the provocation of the senses – be it from the fabric of a new suit at tailor shop or by the latest offerings from one’s favorite performing artist – as much as it requires information security.

Internet Creates Class of Casual Pirates

By technical definition, the Internet is a giant copying machine. Connections between users PCs and servers are established and dublicates of Web pages are copied into users’ browsers – or copies of files are transferred via simplified or automated systems. This essential facility has spawned the Information Age revolution upon us and discomfited those industries to whom intellectual property control is essential to the health of their businesses.

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