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Part 4: Music: Just the Overture

Blue Spike’s initial focus on the $40 billion music industry will create the necessary branding for the company and provide a stable industrial foothold.

As well, it will serve as a platform for applications in other industries. (The company would like to remind readers that Atari, the games company, was an early licensee of RSA, using the cryptosystem to sign and authorize games for is consoles, an important customer but by no means emblematic of their contemporary customer base.)

Blue Spike generates revenues by licensing its watermarking technology to companies in the media and broadcast monitoring industries based on royalty models.

It is but the first of a long line of media-specific watermarking tools that Blue Spike will be developing. Blue Spike’s efforts will ultimately span a host of industries, where the Company will pursue the implementation of its technologies in any data consisting of digitized samples, including video, still images, and sensitive documents such as fingerprints, banknotes, and stock certificates.

Image archives, major motion picture companies, government agencies, insurers, banking and finance institutions and a variety of other organizations are expected to seek the ultimate protection afforded by the Company’s patented digital watermarking applications as well as the progeny of the Company’s extensive intellectual property estate that are under development.

Blue Spike is the only watermarking company that has applications for all digitized formats and has completed several versions of its Giovanni® audio, still image and video digital watermarking technologies as well as a copyright security technology known as the Giovanni® Scrambler which encrypts data at the inherent granularity of the data itself.

Blue Spike has also successfully initiated collaborative efforts with leading technology companies to create an “end-to-end” content distribution application, the Trusted Transaction Server (TTS)™, thereby providing a complete solution for the electronic distribution of content. This system, completed in the first quarter of 2000, incorporates advanced encryption and compression applications from various technology companies along with Blue Spike’s digital watermarking application.

Digital watermarking will provide part of the systems required for secure delivery of media.

However successful it is at fulfulling that mission, given the design scheme it has put forward – a machine-locatable watermark embedded in a consistent location – the very breadth of deployment will put the technology into play in a very big way. That event will provoke new market demand, new deployment scenarios and new research into this powerful and flexible technology. No company is more prepared – in its research or in its depth of intellectual property – to lead this industrial movement than Blue Spike.

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