Blue Spike Management

The Executive Suite at Blue Spike, Inc. is home to a number of unique individuals who have been mobilized by their industrial interests and technical imaginations to gather under the Blue Spike banner. Today, they are developing and evangelizing the company’s digital watermarking technologies to protect and meter content, establish responsibility and receipts and bring creative work to greater audiences.

Management is also developing digital watermarking and other security systems for application in secure documents, bandwidth provisioning, nanotechnology, insurance, telemetry and related fields, therein laying the groundwork for the information-tracking infrastructure of the future.

Scott Moskowitz – Founder, President and CEO. In 1992, Mr. Moskowitz began working in the music industry doing representative work for a large US wholesaler of music-related products. Mr. Moskowitz had previously founded a trading company involved in exporting American music to Japan. Additional work in several other industries has given Mr. Moskowitz a wide range of experience in the distribution of physical goods, primarily in Japanese markets. Mr. Moskowitz worked for Sony in 1990 and was responsible for designing initial plans for the High Definition Television’s market entry in the US and other related strategy work in Sony’s Monitor Group.

The idea for Blue Spike came about while still an undergraduate following his experience at Sony Corporation in Japan. Mr. Moskowitz sought to better define a means for protecting digital media content such as music, video and images. He coined the term “digital watermark” as a means for securely creating “responsibility for digital copies,” which led to the writing, filing and receipt of 46 U.S. and International patents, with several dozen pending.

Mr. Moskowitz has been active in promoting copyright security through watermarking and has been an invited speaker at the RSA Data Security Conference on several occasions, as well as American National Standards Institute (ANSI), Computers, Freedom + Privacy (CFP), ACSAC, Digital Distribution of the Music Industry (DDMI), College Music Journal Convention, Museum of Modern Art, and other forums in the US, Japan and Europe.

He is the author of “So this is Convergence?” recently published in Japan, the only book of its kind on secure digital watermarking. Mr. Moskowitz earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Economics, cum laude, with a concentration in Finance, from The Wharton School, and a Bachelor of Arts degree, cum laude, in Political Science and Oriental Studies, from the University of Pennsylvania. Mr. Moskowitz is fluent in spoken and written Japanese and spent seven years as a resident of Tokyo. He is a member of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and The International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE) organizations.

Bryan Feinberg is the CEO and Founder of several Companies across the Ai / Web3 space as well as the founder of Zephyr Technology Ventures. a NYC-based Venture Accelerator. Bryan brings nearly two decades of serial technology & media focus and solid track record of both identifying and participating across the startup universe. Bryan is a Licensed Investment Banker, holding series 7, 63 & 79 FINRA licenses. With strong ties and an extensive network, Bryan’s added value is measured in his hands-on approach to deal positioning, strategic modeling, market analysis & enabling technologies in any data transaction. A serial entrepreneur, Bryan’s key-focus areas encompass both investment banking and early stage company development and drives his expertise across multiple areas including Banking & Regulatory Compliance, Syndication, Intelligence, Wallet Security, Search, Machine Learning and Big Data. Bryan has completed over $200M in financial transactions including taking a startup from scratch to over $130M in revenues and an integral balance sheet component to public listing on the TASE in 2007. Bryan is also CEO and Founder of Zephyr Financial Technologies and on the Advisory Board multiple emerging Ai & Blockchain companies.

Hitoshi Sakamoto – Director of Blue Spike Japan. After graduating Senshu University in Tokyo majoring in Commerce and Canon’s International Business School in Hawaii majoring in Computer Science, Mr. Sakamoto joined Three One Systems, Inc. & Design Technologies, Inc. He spent 10 years there as a member of the Board of Directors responsible for Fractal Image Compression technology. In 1996, he established Cedge Ltd. in Tokyo as president, which is a consulting company of multimedia technologies, such as digital watermarking and image compression. Mr. Sakamoto was responsible for the Japanese translation of the Blue Spike web site and the translation and publication of the first book on secure digital watermark: “So this is Convergence?” Born in 1958, Mr. Sakamoto has worked with Blue Spike promoting and marketing the Company’s technology since its inception.