Making Manifest the Invisible

The cryptographic disciplines are in their varying stages of applied development. Within them, the answers to a number of vexing challenges are being crafted to secure, mediate and accelerate new and different forms of trade.

Here one can learn about the technologies that animate Blue Spike’s technologies, the Company’s contributions to the cryptographic sciences, review its extensive intellectual property portfolio in the field of digital watermarking, signal fingerprinting and e-commerce and sample one of the more intriguing subdisciplines of acoustics – archeoacoustics, the craft of recovering sounds that have been incidentally embedded into ancient artifacts.

The Theory of Digital Watermarking

An overview of the theory of digital watermarking.

Digital Watermarking FAQ

The essential technology and capabilities of digital watermarking.

So this is Convergence?

Technical, Economic, Legal, Cryptographic, and Philosophical Considerations for Secure Implementations of Digital Watermarking.


Some of the most important resources on the technologies of digital watermarking, steganography and data hiding techniques.