Links to Steganographic Research Resources

As consumers of research in steganographic disciplines, Blue Spike has located a good deal of recent and archived scholarship in the field. For those of you with further interest in the steganographic disciplines, we offer the links below. Ross Anderson at Cambridge University, however, provides some of the most comprehensive resources available in a single site at his home page.

The Information Hiding Homepage
The Information Hiding Homepage – Digital Watermarking & Steganography, provides a well edited directory of timelessly relevant materials in the field of data hiding. Maintained by Fabien Petitcolas, PhD graduate of Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge.

Biblographies of Digital Watermarking Publications

Information Hiding – An Annotated Bibliography
Information Hiding – An Annotated Bibliography, provides an extensive bibliography with some abstracts of books and journal articles. Maintained by Neil F. Johnson, formerly of Geoge Mason University’s Center for Secure Information Systems.

Information hiding & digital watermarking: an annotated bibliography
Updated to August, 1999, this annotated bibliography provides more than 400 references to journal articles and conference notes covering digital watermarking and its applications. Authored by Ross Anderson and Fabien Petitcolas (in PDF, PostScript or Latex/bibtex source).