Giovanni™ in Action: A Brief Tour

Blue Spike has crafted an electronic authentication and auditing system for digitized media that is extremely robust. Using a technique that weaves the watermark into the very fabric of the media, Giovanni embeds a watermark payload that survives even the most sophisticated hostile attacks, embedding a persistent auditing mechanism into all your digital media assets.

With Giovanni’s Forensic watermark, a transaction number is fed into the Encoder at distribution. An abstract of the number – the actual watermark payload – is woven into copies of a song vended via download or CD or DVD using a cryptographic key generated specifically for that track. The transaction number can be associated with a consumer, a distributor or a manufacturer – or any actor in the value chain.

A Forensic watermark has two principal roles. First, it is a potent piracy deterrent, placing trace data into songs that can be mapped to the responsible party. Second, it gives content owners a means of auditing distribution channels with the highest degree of intelligence on the movement of their assets when they are found on pirate servers or out-of-channel.

Once a pirated song is located on an unauthorized server, the content owner decodes the watermark with the corresponding track key. The watermark is mapped back to the data associated with the transaction that produced that unique copy of the song.