Trusted Transaction Server

The Trusted Transaction Server (TTS)™
Marries Electronic Media Distribution and Copyright Security

The black-market in downloaded digital media has one big message for creators and the media companies. Media consumers won’t let you deny them the pleasure of enjoying your media in digital formats.

For the media distributor today there is little choice: Make a market for your media on the Web today – or watch someone else give it away for you.

With Blue Spike’s Trusted Transaction Server (TTS) you can deliver your entire catalogue online, without exposing your valuable media assets to piracy. With the TTS, black-market operators will never be able to match the breadth of your online offerings, your consumer-focused services – or your media quality.

Blue Spike built the Trusted Transaction Server around its Giovanni watermarking software, a system which undetectably and indelibly embeds ownership data and purchasing data into recorded digital media downloads, a scheme that dissuades casual copying by consumers and confounds professional pirates alike. And best of all, it remains operational for the entire lifetime of a media file.

Blue Spike Inc. developed Giovanni® to drive authentication and auditing systems for digitized media, the likes of which are used by physical-space retailers.

Giovanni’s key-based system is inaudible – period. It is also extremely robust, surviving most compression schemes and signal manipulations, and further, it integrates recovery mechanisms to reverse the effects of hacking attempts.

To organize the technologies that animate the TTS, an integrated Electronic Music Distribution (EMD) and security solution, Blue Spike turned to Lucent Technologies for sound compression and NTRU Cryptosystems, Inc. to provide electronic delivery packages for the original deployments of this powerful rights management scheme.

These technologies, brought together in the TTS, transform your media assets into marketable stock, while protecting it from both casual pilfering and professional piracy with a multi-dimensional security approach that blocks consumer copying and durably preserves copyright data in the fabric of the music itself.

With Blue Spike’s watermarking technology, the TTS can also become the centerpiece of a penetrating, personalized online marketing program that delivers on the promises of the Web for one-to-one marketing.

The Trusted Transaction Server provides a suite of important services that are not available in workaday electronic commerce servers. Technologies to mediate payment and ship content to consumers are, frankly, constituents of a crowded market. For the media industries, the real challenge has been in finding rational solutions for containment of the illegal copying engendered by the Internet.

TTS organizes a commerce environment in which security and copyright protection are maintained at every step in the process and at every lifecycle stage of the content – even if it is captured at the sound card or through analogue pick-up. Here we describe the typical deployment scenario as played out by the consumer, the working server and, finally, the copyright holder.

Typical deployment scenario as played out by the consumer, the working server and, finally, the copyright holder.

With the TTS, even the most demanding media distribution models are facile operations.

Why wait to partner with third-party distributors when the technology to create the killer online marketing mechanism can be in your hands today? The Trusted Transaction Server is the only technology you need to move your media online. Make your move today – before someone does it for you.