The Trusted Transaction Server (TTS)™
Marries Electronic Media Distribution and Copyright Security

With the TTS, even the most demanding music distribution models are facile operations.

Build your online merchandising model and make it happen with the security and customer-relationship management technologies integrated into the Trusted Transaction Server. Are you ready to answer the demands of media consumers and deliver full-fidelity digital versions of your media online?

Customers sign up and choose the content that they want at your online store. The Trusted Transaction Server delivers content in a hardened DOWNLOAD PACKAGE (DLP) – a fuss-free cryptographic container that keeps all but the authorized user with his own account key from accessing it.

With that package you can deliver liner notes, pictures, Web links and individualized promotional materials that are attached through Giovanni’s SecureChannel watermarking system, fun stuff that can only be accessed by the licensed consumer, rewarding and thereby promoting authorized use.

For supply chain auditing, you can download unwrapped out-of-chain media files and trace its authorized sales route through the secreted Forensic Watermark that you placed in them before distribution to consumers or your online retailing partners. Downstream distributors and fulfillment houses can be audited with ease. They’ll know no act of piracy will be shielded by anonymity when Giovanni is travelling with your content.

Typical deployment scenario as played out by the consumer, the working server and, finally, the copyright holder.