Secure Channel

Secure Channel

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The core of Blue Spike’s Trusted Transaction Server architecture is the use of the SecureChannel as a value-added component to new media formats. SecureChannel is an auxiliary channel through which all of the members of the production and distribution chain can communicate with individual consumers.

The architecture of the Trusted Transaction Server ensures that only the consumer holding the appropriate account key will be able to access SecureChannel goodies. This reinforces compliance with copyright by delivering added-value experiences to those who keep their part of “fair use” and “first sale doctrine” bargains and keep their authorized copies to themselves. The content the bargain and keep their authorized copies to themselves. The content SecureChannel carries will be the inducement for consumers to use a system that gives them entirely new ways to enjoy their music in trade for removing their ability to redistribute music at will.

What can be packed into the SecureChannel? Let's imagine:

Multimedia documents
Album art, lyrics (including karaoke), webpages

Playback enhancements
Custom mixing coefficients for surround sound and environmental processing

Sales material
Coupons, promotions, other artists and projects, tie-ins

Additional technologies
Digital Rights Management (DRM) systems that support usage rules

Source Identifiers
Song identification, copyright information, distribution channel

Transaction Information
Identifies the transaction with an end user

The progeny of the Napsters of the world cannot all be sued out of existence. The white market will, at some point, have to provide a better, easier and more engaging alternative. Imagine the power and utility of media objects like songs that are animated, through watermarking, to provide new services, new opportunities and an entirely new level of interactivity through SecureChannel technology.

In comparison, black-market offerings would appear as exciting as a Pong game to a 17-year-old Quake junkie. Yeah, right, it’s free. So? With Blue Spike’s SecureChannel watermarking system, the content itself becomes a persistent and recursive marketing instrument that directs the consumer to other new online experiences, products and services at your Web site. After its purchase, a song used to have no further economic value. Now it can be a marketing partner, full-time and forever at the service of your company.

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