Vertical Search & Ai

Vertical Search & Ai

Plato is a vertical Search platform with artificial intelligence that optimizes data curation from verified sources, specific to today’s most active technology sectors like Blockchain, cyber security, fintech and artificial intelligence.

What is Vertical Intelligence

Vertical Intelligence is built around the premise that there are unique data indicators / data sets that are industry specific and are of high value to those who understand the value of quickly having them accessible. Vertical Intelligence starts by defining business relationships and scenarios that are segmented for a particular vertical. These segmented data sets help identify clear Intelligence, rather than the ability of the tool to deliver information. Our search creates an internal feedback loop that drives both consumption and engagement through very specific consensus-driven search algorithms. Plato is all about the connecting users directly into the pulse of the sector in an ultra-secure environment with no advertising.

Ai Data Defragmentation

Plato defragments sector data and creates an immersive and value driven user experience with context and relevance. We saw a real problem and set out to build a new data ecosystem that drives way beyond the analyst level and deep into the DNA of any sector or market vertical. We incentivize communities by driving knowledge, awareness, compliance and competitive intelligence across the communities we serve. time spent to find those things that drive our daily lives.

Data As A Service (DaaS)

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